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Human ​Growth ​Hormone ​(HGH) ​is ​a ​single-chain ​peptide ​hormone ​produced ​from ​the ​pituitary gland, ​which is the the ​master ​gland ​in ​the ​body.​

This ​is ​the ​hormone ​that ​regulates growth throughout ​childhood, hence ​the label human ‘growth’ hormone. ​HGH ​peaks at approximately age 25. Your aging process corresponds to the diminishing level of HGH in your body. 

Experts are now suggesting that when you increase the level of HGH in your body, you are simultaneously slowing down the aging process.... and even gaining ground!

Here is just a teensy list out of over 40 studied and documented benefits:

  • Supports Better Mood
  • ​Promotes Hair Growth and Natural Color
  • ​Increases Joint Mobility
  • ​Enhances Libido
  • ​Supports Healthier Hair, Skin & Nails
  • Aids in Pain Management

  • Supports greater muscle tone
  • ​Increases Strength
  • ​Improves Memory
  • ​Increases Bone Density
  • ​Increases Fat Loss (especially around the mid-section)

What Our Customers Are Saying

Skeptic... Now Believer!

"I was a truck driver for over 38 years, and it took a toll on my knees. The first thing I noticed within only 2 weeks of starting the gel, was my knees no longer hurt going down the stairs in the morning. I used to have to take them 1 step at a time like an old man. No more! I've also lost weight around my mid-section and can now fit into clothes I haven't been able to get into in years. I was a huge skeptic, but now I'm a believer in this gel."
Woody Aborn

Never Want To Be Without it!

"My husband (age 65) and I (age 58) started using the Gel at the same time (Oct 2018). My husband was completely bald on top. He now has new hair growth covering at least 80% of the area that was bald before. We both experienced increased libido and desire and all its benefits.
Within hours of applying the Gel for the first time I had better clarity of thought. I dreamed where I wasn't dreaming before; sleeping longer and sounder. My gray hair starting falling out and was being replaced by hair of my natural color.
My new eye glass prescription was not as strong as the previous one. My eye doctor now is saying "Whatever you are doing keep doing, because your eyes look great!"
The Gel is something I never want to be without."
Mary Jenkinson

Simply Remarkable!

"I will turn 71 years old soon and have experienced many of the aches and pains that comes with age. So when I heard about the Gel, I thought it would be something worth trying. When I started on the Gel, I noticed I was sleeping better, had vivid dreams, my stamina improved, my energy increased, my vision improved, I experienced increased strength, weight-loss and improved flexibility. I had hurt my knee six or seven years ago. I had to be careful not to step up on a curb or off a curb or make a sharp turn to the left or I'd have excruciating shooting pain. To make a long story short all of that is a gone now, thanks to the Gel! Simply remarkable!."
Lee McClees
I want you to have everything you need to succeed using Somaderm.
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